May 10, 1943 – Merton’s War Diary

In 1943 and 1944,  my Grandfather Merton Young traveled to Greenland while working for the Merritt- Chapman-Scott Company.  He wrote a brief diary of his journey of which this is a piece.

May 10, 1943

Went to Westerly, got release from job there, picked up tools and took train to N.Y.

Reported to office, got typhoid shots, tetanus shots, measured for clothes and put up in the King Edward Hotel.

Today it takes from 3 hours, 40 min to almost 5 Hours to get from Boston to New York via rail and by plane, just over an hour (ish.)  A 1940’s timetable lists the rail travel to be between 5 and 7 hours.

Next Entry: May 11, 1943


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